Love it when Lindsay needs updated branding shots. She has the cutest outfits, has the most fun spirit and we get lots of fun laughs in! One hour branding session and one hour of talking…haha! Love this girls style and she knows how important updated photos are! Thank you, Lindsay for trusting me with your […]


April 28, 2023

Lindsay in the studio for some branding photos…

When I talk about seniors changing so much their senior year, I’m not kidding! Not only do I photograph your kids and see the changes, but I get to photograph my own kids. And this girl right here has had one hell of a year! Pressly is my youngest, she is feisty, she is loyal, […]

Business, High School Senior

April 14, 2023

Pressly in the studio…

This beautiful, smart, strong boss lady graduated from BSU last month! What an incredible accomplishment! We created her graduation portraits at the “B”, in the studio yard and studio. We focused on this big milestone at her college and then businessy branding type shots with some headshots to use for her upcoming journey, finding a […]


January 7, 2023


Will contacted me to update some gym photos for his website. He runs a gym called The Fitness Garage and focuses on one on one training to improve your quality of life. We had some of his clients come in as “models” and we knocked out a bunch of images in one hour that are […]


December 12, 2022

The Fitness Garage…

Who are my friends who love to color? I LOVE to color! So when Shelley Hodges came in for a planning session and she revealed her amazing color book, I was so excited. She wanted family portraits but to also feature her coloring book as she is a family girl through and through. So we […]

Business, Children, Family

December 8, 2022

Color Boise…

Meet Marni…love this soul!! Marni wanted some updated branding photos for her website and after looking at her mission and her website, I knew we needed to head to the mountains! Marni has a nonprofit called, Sunrise Retreat. Sunrise Retreats started in early 2017 with a very simple yet tragically passionate dream. Following the […]


August 13, 2022

Marni with Sunrise Retreats…

Rachelle is the amazing woman that leads Advanced Therapy Care! She is quite incredible in all aspects of her life actually! She is so well rounded keeping her family in her spotlight and running an amazing business. Not easy to do! Rachelle is fun, stylish and always up for an adventure! I love this girl […]


July 9, 2022

This girl is on fire…

Studio/Studio Yard Sunday!! When was your last headshot? I have had the goal of doing more headshots and branding sessions during the daytime and that is what I am doing! Look at this gorgeous girl! She needed a branding session! She booked when we had an airbnb in December. She had one outfit, we got […]


January 15, 2022

Brittany rocking her branding…

We have been busy in the studio during the day! Headshots and branding sessions mostly. Although about once a quarter we book an airbnb to get a little different look. Kristin took full advantage of this fun offer back in August and she was amazing in front of my camera. She had her makeup done […]


November 5, 2021

Kristin rocked her branding session…

Headed to Arizona!! Wyatt got up super early to meet me at the Meridian temple at sunrise and it was worth it! The light was beautiful and we captured this big milestone in his life. The lighting a bit orange from the smoke is actually really pretty! He looks ready for his new adventure!!

Business, Children

September 1, 2021

Wyatt going on a mission…


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