These ladies rocked their 6:30am session! We beat the heat and the crowds! Are you a morning person? I certainly am! Early to bed, early to rise. I have been this way my whole life!! Angie’s branding session #2 of four for the year was so great! Her first session we did at the gym […]


September 1, 2021

2nd Branding Session for Angie and Zyia…

Angie contacted me to help her with her branding. It was the best surprise for me to get a call from an old friend. Angie and I go back to school days. Just the other day, right? 😉 Angie is a representative of Zyia. Zyia is an active wearing clothing that is versatile. It compares […]


March 4, 2021

Angie with Zyai…

We rented an Airbnb this round! We spent an afternoon capturing shots that show what they offer, some of their team members and products! These sessions are planned out and done quickly but all goals are reached! Heidi is so good at keeping her social media updated and fresh! It speaks volumes on how she […]


February 10, 2021

Branding for Heidi Lane Esthetics & Better Man Beard

Studio/Studio Yard Sunday!! We have been busy in the studio during the day! Headshots and branding sessions mostly. As it gets cold outside and maybe not ideal for people in your group, the studio is a beautiful option. The studio got a new makeover and we are loving it!! Meet Arisa! She was my kids […]


October 13, 2020


As we get the studio ready to rent out to others, we needed a cute little model to show some of the props we have. Isn’t he so stinkin’ cute?!?!! 🙌The studio rental comes with perks of being able to use all the props. We have couches, newborn props, furniture, toddler props…so much stuff! 🔺We […]


October 4, 2020


This girl is on fire! 🔥 She has a gift and is touching more lives and offering more with the opening of her second location! One location is downtown Boise and the other is on the Bench. Have you ever had a facial, massage, cupping, reiki or infrared sauna treatment? What are you waiting for?? […]


January 12, 2020

Heidi Lane Esthetics

Trilogy Law Group needed updated pictures for their new website. This group was fun to work with and not a dull moment in our short studio session! I hope I never have to deal with this group outside of headshots and Crossfit but great people indeed!


May 9, 2019

Keep Calm and Listen to Your Lawyer…

This gorgeous woman needed an updated headshot for various reasons. If you know her, you are blessed. She is an incredible person. I was honored to update her headshots and the bonus was I got to see her in person and get caught up a bit. Thank you, Christine for trusting me with your business needs.


May 8, 2019

A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart…

Basic Understanding Learning camera basics doesn’t have to be horrifying or boring. At first you might find yourself wondering if you’ll ever get ‘f-stops’.  However, after awhile, and the more you use the tools, your mind will suddenly tick over and there will be an ‘Ah, I get it!’ moment.  This level of understanding is […]


April 9, 2019

How to use your SLR camera…

There is a photograph in everything. We just have to see it. Feel it. And of course make it work. All too often we read how photographs capture essence, capture real life, capture this and that. It’s something that we strive for, but often find so hard to achieve. Let’s discuss ways to help you […]


April 9, 2019

Honest Human Connection


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