There is a photograph in everything. We just have to see it. Feel it. And of course make it work. All too often we read how photographs capture essence, capture real life, capture this and that. It’s something that we strive for, but often find so hard to achieve. Let’s discuss ways to help you […]


April 9, 2019

Honest Human Connection

I’m often asked for one piece of advice for someone just picking up a camera and pointing it at children. I wish I had some fantastic soul searching, dream reaching answer. But I don’t.  Truthfully, as I’m sure you’re aware; photography isn’t as easy or seamless as it looks. When taking photos of children and […]


April 2, 2019

Tips on taking better pictures of your kids…

This beautiful lady needed an updated headshot. She is stunning! Yes!! Let’s show the world how beautiful you are!!


March 15, 2019


This unstoppable duo wanted a variety of professional and fun business portraits to use in emails, social media, advertising, etc. We all had a great time and they photographed beautifully! Thank you, Sandi & Rachel!!  


March 5, 2019

Unstoppable Duo…Front Street Brokers

aaaaahhhh…look at this beauty!! Just started in real estate for Trail 27 a real estate co. She has been a stay at home mom for a few years and has always been interested in real estate. Here kids are in school and self sufficient so she decided to dive into what she always wanted to. I do […]


February 13, 2019

Fantastic Frances…

Look at this local artist! Her work is breathtaking and her heart is beautiful! The detail in her art is mind blowing. She is a wife and mother here in Boise and she balances it all with grace. Please take the time to check out her website, visit the winery that she has her work […]


September 1, 2016

Local Artist…

…an action by the intended audience…Due to the growth of social media, our online appearance can be just as important, or even more important than our in-person image due to how many people view online profiles including decision makers. your profile picture should reflect your attention to detail and professionalism. Thank you, Lindsay for trusting me with […]


August 4, 2016

A single image can result in…

Always a pleasure to work with my friend, Kealy and her company, Trail 27 a real estate co. They keep growing and work so hard for their clients. They are kind, compassionate, understanding and work for you. We took care of business on “Trail 27” and had fun doing it!

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June 30, 2016

Trail 27…

…you might see this guy on the cover of the next GQ Magazine…Look at this handsome fella! We booked his professional headshot months ago. He wanted a variety of studio and outdoors. I met David at a Grotto networking meeting and just loved his positive love for life and people. We had a short headshot […]


June 8, 2016

Watch out…

Stephanie was in need of a new head shot.  She knew exactly what she wanted and sent me examples.  We were able to accomplish her goals!  She was sending me clothing ideas the morning of her session and between the two of us we were both excited and pleased.  We worked in the studio first […]


May 10, 2016



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