Little HeroesWe found out about Amelia’s condition on 12/13/22. We were transferred to a high risk clinic. The doctor said that Amelia has Dandy Walker Malformation. Her cerebellum never formed, instead there was a cyst. I was told that I should get an abortion up until I was 38 weeks when my beautiful babygirl was […]

Little Heroes

August 18, 2023

Amelia | Little Heroes

I got a text at 3:48am on August 3. Someone shared with this heartbroken mama what we offer. They knew BuckLynn would only be here for a short time but did not know he would go this quickly. BuckLynn took an unexpected turn that morning and was in respiratory failure. When in respiratory failure, there […]

Little Heroes

August 11, 2023

BuckLynn | Little Heroes

Sweet baby Devon… Devon is one of our Little Heroes. Her amazing parents were so great! Devon was on oxygen at their session but we took it off between shots. She was so strong and so beautiful. They were able to come to the studio yard for family portraits. What beautiful memories we captured that […]

Little Heroes

August 1, 2022


Sweet baby George had so many complications and we didn’t deserve him here on earth yet. 4-13-22 Such a heartbreaking time for this family and I am so blessed to be let into their tiny little story. I’m thankful we got to capture a few images of them although painful. Little Heroes runs off of […]

Little Heroes

August 1, 2022


Little Heroes: Lani Forbes I got a heart wrenching call from a nurse at St. Lukes, yes, she was crying. She asked if I was available to photograph this family. Mother is 34 years old, married with three small children. The first phone call was to come in soon. I loaded up all my equipment, […]

Little Heroes

February 4, 2022

Lani, our brave Little Hero…

I’m not allowed to show her beautiful face or name but I will share this moment the best I can. Baby girl lived 54 days. She fell asleep and never woke up. I got a call from Summers Funeral home to take pictures of this sweet angel. This was a first for me. I wasn’t […]

Little Heroes

January 15, 2022

Baby girl…

I got the call from the hospital that mom was dilated to a 9 and will have the baby soon. They had no idea if the baby was alive or not, they weren’t monitoring her. This is pretty common when there is a high chance the baby could be stillborn. Everyone was anxious to meet […]

Little Heroes

January 11, 2022


Gracyn’s Story Written by mom…I’ll give a little back story on my pregnancy first. Gracyn’s story starts with us finding out we were expecting our 4th child around 7 weeks along. The throwing up gave it away but this time it was the worst it ever has been. I lost 10 lbs before my first […]

Children, Family, Little Heroes

October 28, 2021

Searle Family…

Penelope 10.01.2021 – 10.08.2021 When I get these calls, I do everything I can to get to the hospital for these pictures. This is all they have left of her…pictures. That is why I print the images for these families. So they can touch the images with their fingers and I can only hope it […]

Little Heroes

October 11, 2021


Sweet Olivia Poppy… I wasn’t there for your two minutes here on earth but your few breaths were so special to your family. You were so tiny and so perfect. Three pounds of a perfect angel. It’s always sad to meet people like your parents in these circumstances but I am thankful to have met […]

Little Heroes

September 1, 2021

Olivia Poppy…


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